I am Having an issue upgrading Gradle to newer version

When I upgrade to a new Roborio 2.0 and installed the new game tools I get an error Invalid Image Exception
Invalid roborio Image Version.
Roborio image and gradlerio versions are incompatible:
Current image version 2023_v3.1
Gradlerio Compatible image versions: 2022_v4.*
In visual studio build.gradle it says
id “edu.wpi.first.Gradlerio” version “2022.4.1”
I know it is something I need to execute. Thanks
in advance.

When you say game tools, did you also download a new version of vscode and import the project into 2023? Only thing I can think right now.

You need to run the 2023 WPILib installer, which will install the updated vscode mentioned by @CoolBudy1.

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I installed the Visual Studio code V1.74.3 Date 2023-01 yesterday.
I do not see the WPI command palette button in the corner. I know there is a method to import it but i can not remember.it. Thanks for your help.

Did you directly install vscode, or did you follow the link I just posted? You should follow the link i just posted

I will follow your link and reinstall it. I used the docs I saw at first.

Could you clarify which docs you read?

I just went to the link sent to me and that was where I downloaded
the wpi installer from a hour ago. In the new version is there a procedure
to add the button after visual studio is installed.

The wpilib installer installs its own copy of Visual Studio Code that is already set up for use for FRC software development.

Ok. I am Reinstalling now.

Thanks, Ryan. I had multiple copies of visual studio on my system and
after I reinstalled it I found the 2023 VS code icon and the WPLIB button
showed up. As of yesterday I still get the mismatch issue with the roborio 2
firmware/ software version and the gradle software version. I could downgrade
the roborio 2 firmware/software but I will need that for competition.
I wonder if this is a software bug?

The solution to the mismatch problem was I had to create a new
project using the WPI icon on top right of Visual Studio Code. Then
fill in the blanks and select arcade drive. When created I opened the java source and erased it and copied my java program into that editor space. I saved it , debugged it , built it and deployed it with success. Thanks to all who helped.

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