I am having some trouble correcting the problems in my code in VS code WPILIB 2023

“The type edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.SpeedController cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required type com.revrobotics.CANSparkMaxLowLevelJava(16777563)”

How do I fix this error in my code?
I know how to solve the other errors in my code but not this one

It sounds like you are using a very old version of the Rev library. You need to update to the 2023 version.

As @Joe_Ross mentioned you need the REV libraries. You need to add them inside of vscode. Search on manage vendor libraries.

“Open WPILib Command Palette” (the W icon, or ctrl-shift-p keyboard shortcut)
WPILib: Manage Vendor Libraries
Manage current libraries
If REVLib is not 2023.1.1, click box and uninstall it
Install new library (online)

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Just for the record, 2023.1.1 is just the minimum version, 2023.1.3 is (currently)the latest version