I am looking for a specific video, please help.

I am looking for the FCR 2013 Ultimate Ascent video from Denver, Colorado, Match 59 in the qualifying rounds. This has the first time that our “Angelic Wall” was used, and I would love to have the video, as it was epic.

I have a feeling mmbstaley has it. He/she is still uploading videos of seemingly all the matches from Colorado. Go and ask if he/she has it :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll piggy back on this thread and ask if anyone knows where the finals matches of the Hawaii Regional might be?

Yeah, I’ve been waiting for some Colorado videos to get uploaded too.

Here’s a video I found on Youtube. I was actually right next to the field during eliminations since I volunteered at the event and man, after that first finals match things were tense. 2090 had started failing during semi’s (winning by just 2 points thanks to a foul) and they took a timeout to see if they could fix the problem. They thought it was a stripped wire that shortened out the brain but once the 2nd finals match started, it obviously wasn’t the only problem. So the finals pretty much ended up being a 3 vs 1 event and as good as Waialua is, it just wasn’t enough.

I’ve uploaded our Colorado qualification matches on Team701TV…

mmbstaley does not have it, he did not record the later matches. does first post all of the match videos at some point?

I can’t recall FIRST as an organization ever, if ever, posting match video. Usually you end up having to rely both on your media team, whatever media teams happened to be at the event, and hope that someone, somewhere got the footage you’re looking for.

No, not too likely.

FIRST actually posted video of the Champs from last year on YouTube.


To this accord, would you mind sharing what the explanation for the many fouls given in that match. To me it seemed like a blown call, and when trying to inquire with officials about it, we were shooed away because we were not a part of the match.

edit: it may not have been this match, but I do remember it being 1339 vs a FCS.

The FCS that match was 1410.

I think 1339 also used their “angelic wall” in the semifinals against 2169. But we had work really hard to push them out of the way.

701 used our arm to stop 2169 in Match 43…

This match in particular was quite weird. the wall itself was re-inspected at least 3 times before the match. at the start of the match, a very grumpy volunteer in a orange home depot shirt came out and measured it (delaying the match), as though the was looking for a reason to DQ us. during the match, we may have gone out of the auto zone once, a small foul, but we were extremely successful at blocking nearly every shot from George Washington’s full court shooter (preventing a good 80 points, if not more). at the end of the match, we were confident that we had won, or at least come very close to winning. However, when we saw the score, we were about 40 points away if memory serves, with a whooping 43 foul points. when we asked for an explanation, we were hard pressed to get a cohesive answer. however, we were eventually told about a very obscure foul rule, involving a “pinning foul”. apparently, it is all a judge made decision whether or not to call it, and it has to do with holding a robot against the wall for any period of time. in order for the foul to stop, you have to back at least 6 feet away from the robot that you were pinning, which was impossible for us to even hope to accomplish given how little room we had to move. this was the reason that they gave for the 43 foul points given against us. I want the video because the match was a really good one, and I would love to review the points and fouls.

  1. G31 is not obscure. It’s as much a part of the rules as every other rule, and it’s been there since kickoff.

An ALLIANCE may not pin an opponent ROBOT for more than five (5) seconds. A ROBOT will be considered pinned until the ROBOTS have separated by at least six (6) ft. The pinning ROBOT(S) must then wait for at least three (3) seconds before attempting to pin the same ROBOT again. Pinning is transitory through other objects.


  1. Judges wear blue polo shirts and decide who gets things like the Quality Award, the Entrepreneurship Award, the Engineering Inspiration Award, etc. The people who make the calls on the field regarding things like fouls and climb points are the referees, who wear black and white stripes.

This would be very funny if it weren’t so sad. The rules are there for a reason, you should read and understand them all. As Alan points out, none of them are “obscure”, you just didn’t read / know them. You can’t expect to win if you don’t know them inside and out.

And I don’t think inspectors are grumpy, we’re just anxious to get back to our Home Depot jobs where nobody argues the rules… :wink:

The whole thing was quite comical, and rather fun to watch. The problem with the rule is that we had seen it in the rule book, but the ruling on it was rather decisive, considering that the other robot was, at most times, able to move. It is our fault for not realizing how strictly they were observing this particular rule. This is one of the main reasons that I want to see the match again, to figure out exactly where we went wrong. All in all though, a very fun time was had by all, and we loved the charged energy of the match.

Thank you for this explanation. Unfortunately it happened exactly as we saw it from the stands. I was sitting with a 15 year veteran up in the stands and this match made us both scratch our heads.
As per grumpy orange field inspector: He gave us a lot of grief at times too. The drive team had a group meeting and decided the best way to deal with a person who behaves like this is to let them do their job, but don’t budge on the rules without getting the rule cited first (tried to make an alliance member start <60").