I am new at this

i Just now got into chief Delphi. (yes i finally figured out what they wanted me to do) (yes i am slow at this) But i cant figure out how to get a portfolio or do anything on this website. How do i check just my posts? how do I submit personal info for all to see. (that did sound quite right…). Anyway I’m trying to get help on setting up a team for the auto-desk visualization award and i believe i set up my post wrong.
Can someone help a poor newbie like me? because the help i need for the product I’m undertaking can only come from this website. (plus it does look like fun!)

To change your personal info, click on the “user cp” link near the top of every page. You will see different catagories on the left. Click one to change the info there.

This fourm has many sub-fourms. To see a complete list, click the “ChiefDelphi Fourms” link at the top of the page (usually followed by “> Portal” or something like that). That will take you to the index. Autodesk Visualization (3D max, 3D animation, whatever you call it) fourm is a subfourm under the “IT/communiations” fourm and is called “3D animation and competitions”.

Good Luck!:slight_smile:

also, to check the posts you have just made, you can go under your profile (go to quick links on the top and it should say “my profile” somewhere) then click on “find all posts by…” under Forum Info.

you can also subscribe to particular threads so that they show up whenever you click on “user cp” – to subscribe, you go to the top of the thread you are viewing, and click on thread tools which will give you a pull-down menu and then click “subscribe to this thread”

hope you enjoy your adventures on chiefdelphi. we’re all here to help =)

They pretty much covered it, but for future reference, the FAQ covers a lot of common forum questions. Granted, you have to know what you’re looking for.