I Am New




Welcome to CD.
I would also encourage you to spend some time reading old threads and navigating the website. Click on an area you are interested in like programming and it will show threads.

I also suggest that you don’t write in uppercase, it suggest as if you are screaming at the other members.

Also, it seems as if your caps-lock is on.

edit arg freddy beat me to it.

i am sorry i dont pay ttion to the way i type

Now is a good time to start. :wink:

Hey my keybored is messed up ok! dont laugh at me !

You are not getting laughed at. You asked how to use the board.

Enjoy your time here. CD is great community, we all learn by being here.

I am sorry i mean i am the freshmen that can program and that is A+ certified but cant figure out how to open a microwave in class!

This is off topic but I got tangled up in one of those pop open sun blockers for the car windshield yesterday. I was trying to fold it back together and ended up trying to fold me into it as well. It was just sad.

Welcome to this community David!

I joined ChiefDelphi when I was a sophomore, and I can say without a doubt that reading and posting here has helped me grow in many ways. You can gain (and share) new perspectives, become an ambassador for your team, and you can gain (and share) technical knowledge.

If you want to make sure that you are percieved positively on this board, there are several pointers I can offer:

Try to use decent spelling, punctuation, and grammar. When you use them, the tone of your posts are more professional. No one is going to nitpick about it, but it does help. There is a spellcheck option that you can use while composing your posts.

You will here this one about 1235729385 times - use the search function before starting a thread asking a question. However, I also reccommend that you lurk before you post as well. Before I started posting, and even before I registered here, I lurked for several months - reading and getting a sense of the acceptable ettiquete and posting styles.

I am a member of serveral other internet boards besides this one, and I can tell you with GREAT assuredness that internet boards vary greatly when it comes to politeness, professionalism, post content, and off-topicness. Here on ChiefDelphi, people prefer it when you stay as on topic as possible when making posts in a thread, when your posts have meaningful content (i.e., not just a smiley face or a comment that has already been made by another poster), and when you show respect towards other posters (i.e. don’t slander other teams, no personal attacks, etc.). On some of the other boards I visit, all of the above things are acceptable, and it has made me appreciate the quality atmosphere that is found here on CD. Let’s try to preserve it. :slight_smile:

Again, welcome. You are on the right track by asking questions about how to use this board.

– Jaine

In a way that kind of is and today i was trying to fugure out why my computer wouldnt turn on i am takeing apart the computer thinking the power supply was bad or sumthing like that when my dad just came in and pluged it in .

I “had” one also. They defy the laws of physics. :wink:

Have you checked the programing forum out yet?

Very True!

Try typing like you would for an essay for school. There are a lot of people here who don’t know what the shorthand, AIM style typing is.

Also, be careful about what you say. Everyone is different, and everyone will take your posts differently. Even if you didn’t mean to offend anyone, it may turn out that you do.

Anyway. Welcome to Chief Delphi. Any questions you have can be answered, all you have to do is ask.

Yes, welcome, and thank you for taking Caps Lock off.

Remember everyone…it’s only 7/16 of an inch…


Ohhhhh so THAT’S the caps lock?! :yikes:


david you’re a loser!! lol! :slight_smile: