I am posting a 6" Apriltags tag16h5 PDF

I haven’t seen any 6" tag16h5 PDFs posted yet (though I probably missed them), and I need some, so… here we are.

Python script adapted from the zsh snippet at https://github.com/rgov/apriltag-pdfs. Get the apriltag-imgs at https://github.com/AprilRobotics/apriltag-imgs.

tag16h5.pdf (1.7 MB)

make_pdf.py.txt (1014 Bytes) (had to rename this to .txt since CD does not accept .py uploads)


I made up a set of tags in .SVG format, thinking I might 3D print or laser etch some tags. If anyone is interested, I can clean up and share the original OpenSCAD design files.

These are 6" tags.

AprilTags_16h5_svg_full_set.zip (333.9 KB)

How did you make the SVGs?

I used OpenSCAD. It’s an open source 2D and 3D design program. https://openscad.org

It is script-based, so instead of drawing with a >shudder< mouse, you type a script to define shapes and forms. I started using it for 3D printing design, but find it useful for all kinds of manipulation of CAD drawings. It has good import/export in a few key formats, like .DXF.

I’m cleaning up the design file, and I’ll share it shortly.

EDIT: AprilTags_16h5.scad.zip (1.9 KB)

Thanks for sharing! Heard of OpenSCAD, cool to see it in action.

This is very useful, thank you.

Looking at the provided PDF file (tag16h5.pdf above), I’m pretty sure that:

  1. the ids listed at the bottom of the page is zero based (counting starts with zero)
  2. the 2023 FRC ChargedUp game manual refers to ids 1-8 (one based).

In short: print the pages 1-8 for Charged Up.

Is that right?

FIRST published this official pdf of tags 1-8 at the proper size. Photonvision is directing everyone to this now.


Perfect. Thank you. I had missed that at Playing Field | FIRST .

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I have been doing some range testing with the various vision solutions and April Tags, and thought this image might be useful to some folks. It is an “eye chart” for April Tags - with tags printed at progressively smaller scales.

You should be able to place this at a reasonable distance from your camera to get an idea for relative distance performance of April tag recognition the same way the nice lady at the Department of Motor Vehicles sees if you can read road signs.

Please note that these tags are unlikely to print at a “standard” 6" size, so any distance measurements will likely be off by a linear scaling factor.


AprilTags_16h5_eyechart.pdf (139.5 KB)

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