I anthropomorphize my team's robot as...

Ok, this was stollen from /. today, but still, what do you consider your robot to be?

mm. no specific reason… IT… well our OCCRA robot last year was a dragon so… yea. it.

We usually call it “the robot” and if we are referring to past year robots we say, " the (year ex.2003) robot. But I guess that could be put under the category of “it”.

It totally depends on the robot’s name. Spicy Mustard is a he. Blondie Girl is (obviously) a she.

I always call my robot by name and refer to he or she by gender.

Robots are people, too. =P

It was always “it” for us last year, although we did have a very interestingly shaped goal grabber ( :eek: ) that unfortunately had to be cut off due to weight issues.

Well, for me, the robot is my baby… So I guess Honey?

I actually have a basis for my choice, a robot being feminine. Classically, American vehicles, whether by sea or land or air, are feminine. And clasically, ships carry female goddesses at their prows. Maybe its just overuse of the “She’s sinking, captain!” and similiar lines which leads me to my usage, but it makes sense this way.

Well, we’re Epsilon Delta, so our robot is ED, and ED is usually (though I’m sure not always) a male name, I think of our robot as a he. However, I’m worried that ED doesn’t quite know his gender as there is a picture floating around somewhere of one of our EDs wearing a pink negligee…


Totally a “she”.

Cars are shes.
Boats are shes.
Robots are shes.


I’m saying he, because I have romantic inclinations towards my robot. Don’t we all? I mean, if you spend more time with your robot than you do with the person you’re dating, that says something doesn’t it? Err. that came off wrong.

I really love teh Robot. His name was “Rowdy Pete” anyway, so it’s a guy.

the robot
kats klaw
We call it basically whatever we feel like at the time. I refer to it as “it” a lot. But I must agree with JVN about calling everything a she…


I call it “it” sometimes, but rarely “She”. considering all mechanical creations are “Shes”. So yeah. =) Sometimes She, sometimes It. =D It evens out.

Not only are generally mechanical creations named she, our robot is named Miss Daisy. We’ve had he’s (Tom Servo [2000] and Hephestus [2001]), but We’ve had female robots (Miss Daisy [2002], Miss Daisy II [2003], Miss Daisy III [2004]) for quite some time. My vote is for “She”.

i called this years robot a him, i have no clue why but i just did, HOusywhatsit also just dosent sound so feminine to me