I asked starryai to make an image of our robot...but made out of yarn

Just for fun, I asked starryai to take this photo of our robot…

…and asked it to generate a new photo of the robot, except I wanted it made out of yarn.

I was shocked by how well it turned out. Has anyone else been using AI art generators with their team?


What a great idea for robot reveal teasers. This seriously beats most of the ‘teasers’ in the last decade.


I like the way your team number reads as “FAB” on the yarn model.

Best. Thread. Ever.


I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right. This could be a fun way to tease the design of your robot before you have a big reveal.


I asked AI to take a mechanical student and turn them into a CAD student but that one didn’t work out.


Did you try to ask the AI to make the changes using yarn?

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you 111 times. Al converts students to eletrical, not CAD.

(CD using sans serif fonts perfectly sets up that one… AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Al (Skierkiewicz, CRI) look the same.)


I went from electrical to electrical and CAD :flushed:

Now you need it to generate the pattern so it can be knit!

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That would be pretty cool!



As an artist I highly encourage teams to NOT release posts generated by AI, especially models with unclear training ethics.

I know it looks cool and I definitely can encourage teams to appreciate AI generations in their own time (I’ll admit that I enjoy screwing around with generations every once in a while), but anything other than Adobe Firefly is not suitable for release right now.

As someone who put a few hundred hours into a robot reveal this year I would be quite unhappy to see my work replicated by AI trained without my permission.


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