I believe in those in High School, our Mentors and in Industry. Not goverment.

I’m watching the kickoff right now. Everyone just finished getting their ‘assignment’ to write to those in the US congress and it struck me how much of puppets we have all become.

Might i put a break in here and say that Wood’s speech is excellent this year. I am enjoying it as I type this.

OK, back on topic. My theories of government are very libertarian in nature so i am always distrustful in government as being anything but a bunch of politicians who care about nothing but power (money) and getting re-elected (more power).

So it got me thinking ‘man, i dont agree with the use of the government pushing FIRST. I think word of mouth and industry should spread FIRST.’ But hey, its all for a good cause… right?

Then it hit me… Less then 10% of school funding comes from federal government (this is by design). if you want to spread FIRST you should be contacting your STATE rep.

I dont want to be negative but a certain amount of skepticism must be used when dealing with government. I’m not saying we should get mad or protest, just please dont be a bunch of yes (wo)men. Many politicians see FIRST for what it is, a political goldmine. I’m not thinking about any person in particular, i just want you all to be mindful.