i broke my vex antenna

i broke my vex antenna
where can i get a new antenna that will work with all the vex Crystal

i googled it ,but I’m not sure what will work

try vexlabs

or maybe radioshack still has one in stock?

did you break the antenna on the transmitter, or on the reciever?

the transmitter

It doesn’t seem to be much of a problem, my son has been doing most of his vexing recently with the transmitter with the broken antenna…as long as you can still extend it about two feet it seems to work ok.

Radioshack used a standard hobby antenna for the Vex transmitter. The antennas are identical to the ones used in other R/C cars that Radioshack sells. If you twist the antenna counterclockwise, you can unscrew it from the transmitter and take it out, and then you can bring it into Radioshack to buy a replacement for about $5. Then you just twist the new antenna into place. Done. :slight_smile:

I bought three of those when one of my local RadioShacks closed($.50). Already used 2. :ahh:

Also, you dont have to worry about the crystals being a problem, even if you did have to replace the controller, (which you probably dont), you can just take the crystal out and put it in your new controller :smiley: