I can run the Labview code, but it doesnt do anything

So yesterday after updating my team’s c-RIO to the newest firmware (v27), I went to run the code that I’d written over the past week. There were no errors with the code, or with communication with the robot, but when I enabled the robot and started messing with the controller, nothing happened. The driver station repeatedly gave me an error along the lines of ‘RobotDrive function not running fast enough…,’ ‘CAN error 44087,’ and the status light on the c-RIO was blinking fast. here are some details:

My code is not long at all, I cut it down to simply the holonomic drive function with necessary pieces (using labview), in addition to a number of case structures and a separate vi i created.

I am running the newest labview update (3.1 i believe)

The cRIO ip address is configured correctly (, imaged for 2CAN communication with the jaguars. I am able to both ftp the crio files, as well as go to the 2CAN webpage and view the jaguar statuses

I also had the same code running perfectly fine Friday afternoon.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

It sounds like your code is missing something, I would try to rerun the code that worked the other day.

do what the person above me said, make sure your code isn’t missing anything. we had the same problem and it ended up being we didnt do all the finishes of the variables and the safety configs of each variable in the begin area

best of luck.


just figured out the problem! turns out the v27 image on the crio was bad. doesnt match up with pre-3.1 labview firmware. go figure. uploaded v28 that i got from FIRST Forge (http://firstforge.wpi.edu/sf/sfmain/do/go/projects.wpilib/frs.crio_images.crio_image_v28?selectedTab=files) and everything works fine now

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