I can't build or deploy! Error 6?

Can anyone help? When I try to build or deploy our code we get the following error-

Error 6 occurred at Create Folder in Create Directory Recursive.vi->AB_Destination.lvclass:Create_Destination.vi->AB_Build.lvclass:Create_Destinations.vi->AB_Application.lvclass:Create_Destinations.vi->AB_Build.lvclass:Build.vi->AB_RTEXE.lvclass:Build.vi->AB_Engine_Build.vi->AB_Build_Invoke.vi->AB_Build_Invoke.vi.ProxyCaller

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW: Generic file I/O error.

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.5\resource\plugins\NewDialogFiles\ProjectWizards\FRC\FRC Templates\builds\FRC cRIO Project\RT CompactRIO Target (\FRC Basic Robot Deployment\c
i-rt\startup\NI_FPGA_Interface.lvlib_NIFPGA System

Are you running Vista?
If so right click on the LabVIEW icon if you have it on your desktop, and choose to “Run as…” administrator.

It just looks like you don’t have full administrator privileges.

It also looks like you need to set your cRIO’s IP address correctly
RT CompactRIO Target (

Within our code the RT CompactRIO Target ( is set to our team’s IP address.

I did notice that part of the file name that is associated with the error message is RT CompactRIO Target (

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.5\resource\plugins\NewDialogFiles\ProjectWizards \FRC\FRC Templates\build\FRCcRIOProject\RT CompactRIO Target (\FRC Basic Robot Deployment\c
i-rt\startup\NI_FPGA_Interface.lvlib_NIFPGA System

Could this be part of the problem?

Are you using LabVIEW update 3? I think the build path you have is from an older version.

I think it may have something to do with file naming. The error message indicates that the file that is set in the “Local destination directory” from the FRC Basic Robot Deployment Properties is the cause. We did have earlier issues when we renamed and moved our original project.

What file path shoul the “Local destination directory” point to?

Don’t blindly reinstall. If it’s a pathname change issue, the fix is to find the spot in the build specification that points to the incorrect path and to modify it to point to the proper one.

Make a new project and look at its build spec for an example of what the existing project needs to look like. We had to do that when we moved our code from a Windows XP system to a Vista one, and the “My Documents” folder location is different.

I think I found the correct filepath. I made the change tried to build and got a lot of file collision warnings. I know from reading other threads that seems to be normal…right? At the end of the build it did say the build was complete.

Now, of course the robot shipped so I can’t make sure it will deploy…but…when we get access to our robot again we will need to right click on “FRC Basic Robot Deploy Properties” then chose “run as startup”…right?

I believe the needs to be set in the properties dialog for the cRIO. Right click on the cRIO item in the project window and put the correct IP in. This normally gets filled in by the new project wizard, but this is how to change it later. It is also possible that this is the name of the cRIO in the project and in that case, you change it in the same place.

Greg McKaskle

What version does it show when you got to help -> About FIRST Robotics Competition Software?