I can't configure the Radio even though I can flash the Radio

I’ve disabled the network adapters, set a static IP address, tried switching the connection from one port to another, and disabled the firewalls. I’ve tried running the FRC Radio Configuration Utility as administrator, tried using 3 different computers, 2 different radios, and 4 different ethernet cables. I’ve looked at the FRC docs for programming the Radio and troubleshooting the RoboRIO at least 10 times over and still nothing. Even though I can successfully load the firmware, when I go to configure it, all I get is an error saying, “Bridge configuration failed: Failed to change IP Address, please ensure the bridge is connected to this computer and try again.” The thing is, when I check whether or not it has connection through the Control Panel, it says it’s connected. I saw someone posted a similar question last year, but they seemingly never got a proper answer. Any more tips/help would be very much appreciated!

The same thing happened to me last week. After plugging it back in and restarting our robot, however, it operated as if the configuration succeeded (despite the failure message). In case you haven’t, check to see if the radio is actually being configured but sending you an erroneous error.

The IP address that it is trying to change and failing at is the PC (not the radio).
So it’s very possible that the radio can get configured properly and the failure occurs only when the utility attempts to change the PC address to do a radio configuration verification.

Are you using school issued computers or this by any chance?

No, they’re personal computers.

If you power the radio and can see it on your PC’s wifi list, then the radio will probably work fine on your robot.

If the radio isn’t working, I’d suggest then that you try using someone else’s home computer that’s not setup the way you like to set up your PCs. The trouble may be the PC brand (and their custom software additions), or some application, or custom settings that fit your work style and normal use, but don’t work with the network changes that radio utility is trying to make.

The reason I asked about school computers is that typical problems seen with school (or business) computers are the enterprise settings that put restrictions on certain network operations. I’ve seen teams switch out one computer for another, but they were all setup identically and so exhibited identical problems.

FWIW, here is another thread where something similar happened. One issue there was a PC with a laptop that didn’t have a built-in Ethernet port, but did have enough of the internal H/W that a phantom port showed up. Anyhow, there are a bunch of things to try there – though you’ve tried many of these already.

This thread may help you out if you still can’t configure

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