I cant deploy code onto my crio

Every time i do i get the SAME error. I need a simple explaination on how to fix this because my brain is dying.

Waiting to connect to OTA command server of for past 698s

This is the error. How do i fix it?

Have you succesfully set the cRIO’s IP address to using the FRC 2012 cRIO Imaging Tool? Did you select the appropriate programming language and image version (v43)?

Is the cRIO reachable on the same network as your computer, and have you made sure there is no firewall or overzealous antivirus software active?

I fixed all that. Now the error is actually this

DIO LoopTiming: 260, expecting: 261

How do i fix this? I can show you the entire build log if you need.

This is a known bug. See http://firstforge.wpi.edu/sf/go/artf1431