"I Climbed To Level 3 With An AM14U4" Club

This one has been gnawing on me a bit, perhaps one of the few quibbles one can have with DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE presented by The Boeing Company. Level 3 climbs were incredibly powerful in regional and district play, all but assuring a third ranking point and making it tough for alliances in the lower half of the bracket since they weren’t the most common things.

Even less common, it seems, were robots that could do it with the kit AM14U4 drivetrain rather than something custom that let them put stilts or mounts where they pleased. I’m sure they exist, but they do seem to be awful rare. Who did it?


We (7127) did it very successfully and rather uncomplicatedly, i never really thought about how drive train affected it

935 did.

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Got any pics?

Interesting. We had used the kit chassis and had some ideas about how to do a level 3 but never quite got it working. I think it would have worked if we just had more time to work on it.

This is how it would have looked:

We did eventually do a simple level 2 using some of the same pneumatics:

We did it, most of the time it worked. It was pretty quick, too.

The only compromise we made was using Mini-CIMs for the drivetrain instead of CIMs because we didn’t really design the climber quite right–the student who designed it all was using the CAD model of the older chassis, and we were also using the older chassis as a prototype. The older chassis is a tad wider, since the new chassis design is different at the outside side members–they are now oriented so it’s easier to get to the screw holes! yay. But the mini-CIMs seemed to work fine, we ended up ranked #2 at Colorado, there were very few HAB3 robots there.

Anyways, here’s the underside of the robot, where the climber action is. It’s a Lego 4 bar.

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I don’t think the reason our climb wasn’t reliable was because of the chassis.

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7457 got it done, with climbing in 53/64 matches, we consider this to be a rather good climber.
To accomplish this we put custom C-channel bars running parallel to the robot frame that worked as the supports for the bars on the four bar.


7433 got there. The frame was modified (open front) for cargo intake and omnis for smooth motion profiles in auto, but the frame type didn’t have much to do with the climb. You just had to come up with something that fit inside the frame that got you up and forward. Our design was nearly entirely made from Polycarb.

You are right about the RP’s, without the ability to climb we would never have made it as far as we did.

Climb at 50 sec point in reveal video.


2220 got there… eventually.

I present to you, the only time we ever got to Hab 3 in the official season, and also the first time we even attempted it on the official field.


Clutch match. We barely eked out the victory and the HAB3 climb was a huge part of that!

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I’ve seen many teams flip the side plates including the Everybot. Why?

We were built to do the exact same thing as Sno problem but plans got shot down week 2. We still have support structures meant to do that exact climb

The outside plates? They come like that now, that’s one of the major differences between the AM14U4 and the AM14U3.

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I’m preeetty sure we have an AM14U4. My mentor told me to assemble the side plate with the rounded edge out so the corners if measured would be sticking out a bit. Never have i tried rounded edge in.

We had the AM14U4 and climbed in all our qualification matches at the FIM Lansing District, all our qualification matches at Michigan State Championship (Consumers Field), and all but one of our qualification and all of our elimination matches on Daly Field (Thanks to 319 and 3641 for selecting us). Plus we had several double climbs thrown in for good measure.


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3739 managed to pull a level 3 climb with the AM14U4 this year. Albeit, we did make new inside plates to accommodate for a custom gearbox, but the level 3 climb would work on a completely stock chassis too. We had it working in time for week 6 at the Ontario Western District.

1257 did it, though it took around ~35 seconds.

We accidentally read the directions before assembling ours :slight_smile:


We could have with a single part swap changed our L2vto an L3, but the pistons would have cost too much

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