I curse threads...

It seems that whenever I post something on a forum, no matter how popular the thread just was, it instantly falls into internet death. I guess I give threads the death curse. :eek:

Me too! So don’t feel bad! I have 1300 posts under my belt, and have just learned that sometimes it only takes a few posts to answer a question and sometimes your last answer or comment may be the best one. Don’t take it personally!

Keep trying. Make your posts informative and well written. If you aren’t just trying to be silly, others will respond.

And now that I’ve posted here, you can be sure no one else will! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, that’s the end of this thread. I doubt there will be any posts after this one.

I totally agree… instant death to this thread couldn’t be more certain. :stuck_out_tongue:

Longest-running IIJM-type thread is located here. Actually, that one is a weeny compared to the one that hit 250k+ replies that the same forum locked and archived because VBulliten couldn’t handle it at the time. The original started in 1999, and I got a post or two into it soon after.

Synopsis: replying to the thread lifts the curse from the previous poster, thereby imparting the curse on yourself.

Just thought I’d throw some fun facts out there.