I didn't get a flag pole

Do I have to get my own flag pole (the pvc pipe) for the robot? Or do they supply it? I didn’t get it in the kit of parts and it’s not on the list. Thanks.

You have to create it yourself following the guidelines in the manual.

Funny story with our pipe- we thought the same thing that it was supplied and then about a week before the robot competition in Phoenix, we scrambled to build it but we got the wrong materials from the store. When we went to return it, the guy exploded at us telling us we couldn’t return it and how we ‘damaged’ it (not true, just minor damage I tell you!!). But when he found out we were in FIRST, he immediately apologized and gave us the part for free. So remember kids, FIRST does pay off!!

If you are heading to the hardware or local DIY store for flag-holder materials, be a hero: get a few extra feet of half-inch inside diameter schedule 40 PVC pipe and pipe caps to fit same. Bring the extra material with you to the regional. You’ll find many smiling faces eager to thank you.

also if anyone still needs a flag holder at the championship team 1676 has about 20 more available to all teams that come over and ask.

At the LA Regional, there were several teams that I inspected (including a couple of veterans) that didn’t have proper flag holders. I made 4 flag holders with “Robot inspectors are your friends” label for the San Diego Regional. Three of those made it onto robots. Maybe I’ll make some for Atlanta, although I would hope that all the teams would have conforming robots by then…