I Digress

Do we need a photo shop of Lavery in a Hawaiian shirt at kickoff this year? How sad. :frowning:

Team 116 was honestly shocked by the lack of shirt. We were quite sad :frowning:

Speaking of shirts at Kickoff, did anyone notice Dean’s shirt.

There was a logo of what I think was someone on an upright iBot sitting next to a person standing.

It was pretty cool, and I was wondering what the logo was since the first shot of Dean, and then got a closer look when he was speaking.

I like the logo, and the message it sends… (re: able to raise a wheelchair bound person up to the height of a person standing next to them - which the iBot does.)

Here’s a pic of what I was talking about.


YEAHHH WHAT WAS UP WITH DAVE NOT WEARING A HAWAIIAN SHIRT. Down here at 25 also we were quite shocked and disappointed. Dave needs to start wearing those hawaiian shirts again :slight_smile:

I noticed that… so not Dave of him :frowning:

I knew there was something very very wrong. I just couldn’t figure it out.
Just a shame that there was no hawaiian shirt this year. But you do know what Woodie said about people like us not caring about looks. :smiley:


I was shocked too, but he may have done that just because all of the GDC (Except Kamen of course) were black…