I don't really understand this year's code.

Hello. As the title says, I don’t really understand this year’s (2010) code. Maybe it’s because of the vision processing, but last year’s code (2009) was MUCH easier to understand for me. Can anyone help me with what’s going on? Also, is vision processing built into this year’s code? If not, how can I put it in the code, and even before that, how do you use it? Thank you for your time.

This year’s code uses subVIs to separate the code into higher level units called subVIs.

If you haven’t already done so, open the Team Code folder in the project, open the context help window, and hover the mouse cursor over each subVI. Begin for example is used to open and initialize I/O for the rest of the program. TeleOp is called each time the robot receives a teleop packet, etc.

Perhaps this will help give you an overview of how the robot code goes back together. Looking at Robot Main may help also, but it is very high level, and you likely do not need to change it.

Finally, you may find the tutorials at LVMastery useful.

Greg McKaskle

I’ve tried that, but even then I’m still confused what I’m going on. I’m using the advanced framework in Labview, and I’m trying to understand what’s going on in the Teleop VI and the Autonomous VI. I get the gist of it, but I’m more confused on the specifics. When I opened up the VIs and used to context help, I got even more confused.

If it is the specifics you have questions about, please ask specific questions. I can sympathize, but I can’t really help any further without more to go on.

Greg McKaskle