I Drove FRC 67 HOT and FRC 973 Greybots Robot (in xRC) and it was awesome!

Last week I got to drive the new FRC 67 HOT Team and FRC 973 Greybots robot on the xRC simulator. Both of these robots are awesome but I definitely preferred the dual side intake with swerve of FRC 67. While xRC is quite ‘arcade(y)’ it was pretty awesome to be able to experience even a bit of what these robots were like on the field. Let me know if you get a chance to play. You can just play single player, set up your own multiplayer server for free to join the xRC discord (below) to play with others.

Check out the video: https://youtu.be/JwJUYRd5CDY


Download the pre-release v7.2 at Pre-Release – xRC Simulator

Join the xRC discord and play with others in FIRST at xRC Sim


That’s because you’re just not at good at 973’s awesome driver (the best tank driver in FRC hands down.)


One of the best drivers in FRC rn regardless of drivetrain.


@973 if you go swerve next season please stay away from our events! <3


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