I found this pin among my collection and I don't know if this team exists. They don't have a blue alliance page so Im not sure where to look to find them

I see that FIRST Tech Challenge team 289 is also in Missouri. The name doesn’t match, but FTC teams can rebrand on FLL-scale frequency. Perhaps a crossover episode happened? FTC Event Web : Team 289

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Perhaps, but I found this pin while in FRC, so It could be FTC, but it should be an FRC team.

FRC 289 last played in 1999
J.W. Sexton HS & Eastern HS
Lansing, Michigan

So, unless you found a very old pin it wasn’t an FRC team.
The pin design style also seems to be from a younger crowd.

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Based on the art work, I would actually guess it is an FLL team, maybe picked up at a championship event?

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