I got a Bit Bored so I Rewrote an Old Favorite

[size=]The Night Before Kickoff[/size]
Twas the night before kick off and all through the shop
Not a tool was moving not even a chop… saw
The tools were hung on the cabinet with care
In hopes that Dean Kamen soon would be there
The students were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of Worlds danced in their heads
And Hay in her R2 cap making sure the shop looked best
Had just turned off the computers for a good nights rest
When out on the field arose such a clatter
Hay Sprang from her office to see what was the matter
Away to the window she flew like a flash
running hurriedly to see if there was a clash
The moon gave view of the field below
What it could be she did not know
When what through the window did her eyes gaze
But a miniature helicopter and 8 tiny segways
With a middle aged driver so lively and clean
She knew in the moment he must be Dean
More rapid than walking his vehicles they came
And he whistled and shouted and called them by name
Now Sagittarius! Now Libra! Now Ursa and Atlas!
On Scorpius! On Taurus, on Enforcer and Don’t Panic
To the top of the Gym! To the top of the MPR!
Now Scoot away! Scoot away! Scoot away all!
As discs that before the wild robots ascend,
When they meet with an obstacle, The 80 - 20 did not bend
So up to the Middle School the segways they flew
With a kit of parts full of goodies and Dean Kamen too
And then in a twinkling she heard on the side door
The electric motor of the segways and each little core
As she drew in her head and was turning around
Through the door charged Dean Kamen with a bound
He was dressed in denim from his foot to his cap
And his clothes were all tarnished with oil and scrap
A Kit of Parts he had slung on his back
He looked like the 90’s opening his pack
The LEDS how they twinkled! his lights, how merry
The screens he held in his hand were not glary
His face was soft with a good chin,
And his beard was vacant shaved close and thin
A water tank he had as a hint to the game
She shirly knew this year would not be lame
Red and blue were the colors of his bumper
He also gave out homework a problem that was a stumper
He was a smart and jolly old engineer
And she gasped when she saw him in spite of being near
His outfit was neat with organization of all his wire
She realised that the situation was not dire
He spoke not a word but went straight doing for what he gained fame
And filled all the benches with manuals pieces for the game
And tapping the bench with the side of his boot
and giving a nod out the shop he did scoot
He sprang to his chopper to his team gave a lift
and away they all flew like a bot when given a shift
But she heard him exclaim as he piloted out of sight
Happy Kick off to all and to all a good night!

Hmmm, I think that beat my 12 Days of Christmas/build :slight_smile:

Nice creativity, I like this version. How much time did that take?

I was getting worried that one hadn’t been made this year. I can rest easy tonight.

A wonderful tradition I enjoy reading every year.

“While visions of Championships danced in their heads”

Fits the meter better.

Surprisingly not long about maybe an hour for the full thing and a day or two of grammatical and last minute changes.