I Graduate Today!

I’m just taking off for my graduation, I guess this officially makes me a Team 70 alumni. :slight_smile: I’m off to U of Michigan-College of Engineering next year. And don’t worry, we will be starting a team. (We are gonna win IRI too.) Gotta go.

Bill Whitley
University of Michigan
Team ???


Bill, if your new team wins IRI you will get that free t-shirt and i’ll throw in MY ten year pin…lol


Congrats Bill! Good luck in college, eh…you know how it goes, the routine stuff. Wow…I just had a flashback to signing yearbooks when I graduated. Yikes…that was a bit scary. :slight_smile:

~Christina (Alzona, it would be in my user name, but there wasn’t enough room, I had one letter too many :frowning: )

Hey Congrats! I graduate next Saturday. I can’t wait. Next year I get to work with a new team, hopefully, and be a mentor. Have fun and good luck in the future.

Hey, not only will you be graduated from high school, you will also become a really cool college student just like me!!!

Haha, just kidding. Well, Bill and all other class of 2001 students, hope you have fun with graduation, and good luck to your freshman year of college life!

Feel free to e-mail or send me an AOL instant message if you want to talk about doing FIRST and being in college the first year… I might be able to teach you a few tricks to keep you in school without getting kicked out. :wink: