I Hate The Snow!!!

:frowning: Tomorrow is December 7th… I was suppose to be going to WPI for the edu bots mini-competition but my team isn’t going… I wish we were… We worked for 4 weeks and got about 45 hours on it just for this snow to stop us from going to wpi and doing something that we love… I can’t believe this… The edu bot came out unbelievable… We had a lot of set backs and complication but that is part of it… We could get through throse tough times but this is the one thing that is out of our hands… I would do anything to go to that competition or any other edu bot competition so we could use the robot that we worked so hard on… WE EVEN HAVE A SUCCESSFUL 10 SECOND AUTONOMOUS MODE!!! It true is an unbelievable robot just I’m so sad right now that we can’t go… :frowning:

Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything. Due to the snow, the miniFIRST event at WPI has been cancelled. Rescheduling is tough (as the Robonautica Lego League competition is here next week), but we will try.

I’m looking forwards to seeing what you guys came up with.

I cnat wait to see mini first on sunday hope fully it runs as well as it has the past 2 years.

This is our first year doing mini first and I can’t wait… I have put in more than 50 hours on this little robot and I just hope we can match up against all the people that have been doing it year after year…

Yeah, due to the first snow storm, our team couldn’t go, but luckily it was cancelled. Then, the tourney was rescheduled for the week after, but I could not go because we were supposed to get a real bad storm and my mom said I had to stay in case it hit hard…my dad was away on business so i had to snowblow…oh well. Next year!