I have a BIG problem with my controller, need help.

At the kickoff we got the new “kist of part”, 2 big boxes, and inside we got a new controller, but i think its not working well:

at school we connected the new controller with the radio and all the system, and from anoter side we activated the Operator Interface, but the controller didnt recieve anything. we tried it couple of times.

when i used the OLD controller with the NEW operator interface, it works with the radio…

maybe something that we have donw is wrong? maybe the channels f the radio, i dont know…

anybody have an idea what’s the problem and how to solve it?
thanks, nir

Did you forget to setup your team number maybe?

Top guess is, follow the set up instructions to get your team number set in the controler.
As I recall this had to be done on a tether.
Good Luck

Yes, you need to tell your RC your team number. First, set it in binary in the OI switches - if you’re not up on binary ask one of your programmers or use the calculator on your PC:

Start => all programs => accessories => calculator; view => scientific. Click on Dec (decimal), enter your team # and click Bin.

Set the Team Number switches of the OI to that value, rightmost in the switches - push down the top of the switch for a 0, and the bottom for a 1. Set the extra bits on the left to zero.

Connect the RC to the OI with the red tether cable. In this configuration you don’t need the power supply to the OI as it’s powered through the cable. Power up and the RC should respond to your joysticks. Thereafter the team # is retained more or less forever or until you send your RC in for repairs.

Also, you can use the mode button on the OI (under the digital display panel) to make the OI display the team number you’ve set in to it, to make sure it is set right.

also, have you tried to teather the rc to the oi? does it work that way?

ill try it today, thanks, but i need to connect it to the teather only once right? all the other times ill be able to use radio?

Once you have set the team number and tethered for a few seconds, you should be able to unplug the tether and use radio.


EDIT: Please consider building yourself a competition jumper. The guide to do so is in PDF format under “Competition port pinout” on this site: http://ifirobotics.com/oi.shtml
This will save your bacon when debugging and in the pit–if you want to keep your 'bot from taking fingers off, you can flick the “Disable” switch and go ahead with whatever work you were going to do.
Unless, of course, you suffer from the 8.2/8.3 volt freeze. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44954&highlight=8.2+voltage