i have one question

I have a question, any of the large team (100+) how well do they operate as a team? The reason is our team might be going through this change this year. any feedback would be appreciated:)!!


well coming from myself who has been on a team 2 years and lead the team 1 out of 2 years. There like I said has been up to like 35 members. Controlling that amount is hard. Anthing more then 40 is hard to control. Any team with more then 100 members is just insane. thats me personally though. If you got a Captain(s) who can lead a team of 100 + then there should be no problem. Just remember to seperate the ones who do work and the one who don’t. Be sure to look at the New Member Applications that CD posted in the White papers. That should give you an idea of what to look for when recruiting your team.

BTW as to how a team of 100 + operates. It should function normally as long as theres a chain of command that can be respected for years to come.

I think the Aztechs have 100+ and they always seem to operate fine.