I Have Proof of a Water Game... sort of

If anyone was at VCU today dave was talking about the game and how he got inspired for them, and he was talking about his years game then flashed up a picture of a steam powered paddle boat on a river. So that must mean water game!!:D;):smiley:

Was that a red herring I just saw??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably is I just wanted an excuse to yell water game. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something else about that picture that was an actual hint.

Water + electricity= Problem… I doubt that first would expect teams to have to seal their robots… especially rookie teams!

ears perk up steam powered and paddle wheels are always fun to think about.

By this point, after all the craziness about having a water game, I wouldn’t be surprised if the GDC is now seriously considering that possibility.

Here is the water game:
Teams 842, 1290 and Ariz State Universtity with help from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute are hosting a FIRSTish underwater robotics competition.


It will be webcast!. It is also an “all nighter” sunset to sunrise!


I honestly do not mean to “Burst” anybodys bubble but there actually is a similar program to FIRST for underwater robotics called MATE. You can click on that link to see more information on it but subdivided in mate there are two divisions, one for high school and one higher level for more college level students.

There already is a “FIRST” water game, only catch is it is not by FIRST.

That is never gona happen. I can assure you.

The MC’s at St. Louis were making a big, overexaggerated deal out of doing the wave. “Wow, that was a GOOD wave, it almost looked like a FLOWING OCEAN, it looked like REAL WATER!!” etc. I’m not jumping on the “lol water game” bandwagon, I’m merely contributing my clue to those of you out there who are interested.

I still think there’s going to be an ice game next year instead. Maybe even flying ice where we have to pick up and deposite living penguins.

Besides there being one too many threads about water game. I don’t doubt it will happen if its been done appropriately like what Mate has. The only problem is is you get one shot at having a water game. That one shot will determine if there will be another one in years to come. I say lets all bite our tongues and try and get through this messed up Tic Tac Toe Field ooops I mean Rack and Roll. It’s too early for another next years game thread based on Daves excellent photoshop skills =).

Talking about this?:stuck_out_tongue:


A water game would be totally awesome, but losing your bot… how awesome would that be…

Imagine how much of a pain programming auton for that would be!
You have to deal with enough mechanical variance as it is; this would be just insane. However, I’d enjoy the challenge!

To those of you saying “Electricity + Water == Bad”:
Ever seen a boat?
Some nice equipment, plus a bit of carefulness, plus circuit breakers == safe.
Besides, we’re talking about 12V here, very little chance of electrocution. Waterproofing electronics can be done, IFI would just have to release a waterproof Victor and Spike (Victor would be pretty hard to do, unless they assume that it’d be underwater - think cooling). Then they’d have to provide a nice waterproof electrical box with some sort of waterproof quick disconnect system, and mandate that any self made connections are heatshrinked using hot glue-filled heat shrink. Then of course, we’d need a waterproof version of the CMUCam2, or they’d just have to go with a different sensor (SONAR, anyone?). Perhaps they could also provide a standard waterproof hull to those teams who don’t trust their welding or plastic working skills. (Or rivets and caulk, or any number of solutions)


A water game would provide endless opportunity for innovation. Think of all the different hull styles out there, all the different methods for propulsion…
Turbines, Propellers, Paddle wheels.
Standard single hulls, Catamarans, Trimarans.
Submarines, hovercrafts, hydrofoils.

Teams who are creative and innovative enough could come up with some really cool designs. Holonomic submarines (think 6 full degrees of freedom), boats capable of propelling themselves out of the water, amphibious robots.

What if they threw a curveball at us and made us all use sailboats? Only give us servo motors, and put big fans on one side of the field. That’d provide opportunity for some really neat coding.

Think of the innovative control systems teams could come up with.

Now, all that being said, do I think it’s likely? Not for next year. The number of sponsors that would be required to provide the KOP equipment for a water game would be tremendous. If you start seeing more and more sponsors that also produce waterproof equipment, then you can start to worry.

No water game!
Maybe manipulating an object that floats in water perhaps?
Kind of like this year.

i think a water game would be changleing and exciteing, but water and robots don’t mix. insatead of have robots on the water you pick up/ destroy targets in the water. I think that would be cool:cool:


It wouldn’t happen becase it would cost too much.