I have questions! Do you have answers?

Does anyone know how does one go about establishing a repeat competition? For example the approximate cost, supplies, man power, etc…

If you are looking to host an off-season competition, I would PM Chris Fultz. He is the coordinator for the Indiana Robotics Invitational, and he can probably give you a really good start on getting an off-season off the ground. We have teams from all over the US come to the competition, and it’s one of the most anticipated, year to year. He can also probably give you some insight in planning and the questions and problems that have come up over the years.

Another good person to message about this is Andy Baker, as the IRI originated in Kokomo, Indiana. He can probably tell you a little bit about how the IRI got started.

I see you’re from Ann Arbor… there’s a few off-seasons that are held up there, most notably the Sweet Repeat that’s held every year. I know that Jim Zondag is the head referee there every year… he can probably let you know who the main planning coordinators are.

It’s pretty hard to gauge what size event you are planning and how large scale of an event you’d like, so these people can probably help you narrow down your options and answer your questions about man power, field rental, etc.

Best of luck!

I’ll be willing to give you some advice too (Blitz filled up with 42 teams in only a week!). Are you going to be in Atlanta? Look at some of the threads in off-season competitions and I responded with some advice for the Rochester one, you’ll be sure to see advice from others as well.