I have yet to forget about the bumpersticker

I was just waiting for good art to happen. Okay folks. For those who remember, I work at Kinko’s and I am able to get a discount on mass quantities of bumper stickers. And since FIRST has yet to carry bumper stickers, why not make our own, right? Well, although it has been awhile and we never really decided (and I never really liked the previous artwork I did) here is a bumper sticker design I finally (and hope you will too) like. Check it. Should be enjoyed by all. This one I am more than willing to tweak to perfection. It’s almost there. Has the FIRST logo, the FIRST man, and a great tagline. Though it does seem a bit cluttered, maybe a bigger sticker could fix that. Or I could get rid of the head guy. I also am going to search for fonts that would work better. Bah. A perfectionist artist am I. I should probably just stop and ask for opinions at this point. B^P

-Robby O
FIRSTanimators Moderator


I was at a Long Island Regional meeting, and the coordinator came up with a bumper sticker for Long Island. I’ll admit that it’s really cheezy but I thought it was relevant to this topic. It says: “LI-FIRST things first” Now, since we all figured that a lot of Long Islanders do not know what FIRST is, they’re going to put something about robotics under that. And it has the FIRST logo in the top left hand corner. It’s pretty bad, but he seemed all excited about it, I didn’t have the heart to say anything. :slight_smile:


Heehee. I like it!

Must admit…at first I didn’t know what the HANDS were.

And it would be just as cool w/o the guy.

Lisa T

Hey Robby…lookin good, though I’d vote to lose the lil guy (even though I think it’s cool looking) to get rid of some of the clutter… Then maybe recenter the wording :slight_smile:

… And then sign me up for one :wink: My truck is looking nekkid since Nate’s window decal just does not work with limo tinted windows! :cool:

~ lora

As much as I like Battlebots, that sticker rocks!

I’ve liked this bumper sticker idea for a long time now and this one looks really good: Great Job. I think the little person on the right should stay; it adds some essence to the sticker making it more memorable…But thats just what I think.

I love the sticker! I also think the little guy should stay. I think the reason the sticker looks so cluttered is because of the black. It’s really slick lookin and I like the black, but even using dark blue would change the look of clutter. The blue would not look as good though. I must admit when I was scrolling down and only the top of the sticker was in view I immediately thought of Cliff’s Notes. Not that I would or have ever used those aweful things, especially for my senior research project in high school. Blah, evil bad things.
P.S. I guess the other thing about the sticker is the font of Battlebots shmattlebots. It is a bit hard to read so it looks odd.

The only thing that i believe needs to be changed is the font for battlebots shmattlebots.


We at 550 will take 25! Gimme an address and a charge and I’ll Fedex you a cheque and return envelope, postage-paid!

Great job Robby, I’d love to get a hold of some of these. But please try and make it a little more readable, it is a bumper sticker after all.

How about a window sticker version for those who dont like to put stickers on their car?? you know, like the static sticker kind that can come off if the car is ever sold?


[quote]*Originally posted by Tom Schindler *
**How about a window sticker version for those who dont like to put stickers on their car?? you know, like the static sticker kind that can come off if the car is ever sold?

if its not possible, put me in for a sticker.**[/quote]

Robby, in case you didn’t know already (wish I’m sure you probably do but I feel like being weird and telling you anyway)…you can buy stickers, window clings, magnets, and, well, just about anything in sheets at Office Depot or Staples or whatever office supply store sells Avery. So…yea…if you have a good catridge, it can be done…I think…not that me thinking so means anything…lol

Do we have a general price figure yet? I know the price will depend on how many stickers are bought, so is there a break down? Thanks. I know that I want to get at least one and I’m going to check with the rest of my team for a total count.

While we’re talking about BattleBots, anyone ever wonder what the 2 seconds are about after the show credits when the “FIRST” picture appears? I think its a black screen, with the word "FIRST " written on it in blue, white, black and red?

Hmmm. Maybe just a coincidence…

I just think its part of one of the production companies name…if i remember right there might have been a discussion on this along time ago…

(i think we concluded its no relation at all)