I heard ChiefDelphi.com is turning 20 today

Today marks 20 years since the current incarnation of Chief Delphi came online. Dramatic as it can be sometimes, this forum is an incredible resource containing the entire modern history of this program. Every possible discussion of robot design, team operation, and game strategy is archived here. I don’t know of many other communities with this degree of continuity and depth.

Thanks to @Brandon_Martus for being the most dedicated forum admin that I’ve ever seen, thanks to the hardworking mod community here, and happy 20th to CD.


Thanks Brandon. It has been an invaluable resource throughout and a community that most days is a model online community.


It’s actually even older than 20. The previous version of ChiefDelphi dates back to 1998 (maybe earlier, but that’s when I started using the site). Archive.org has pages dating back to 1999.


I had a more accurate title originally, but I liked mirroring Brandon’s post more than I liked being technically correct. I’ll take my bureaucrat level demotion and live with it.


I found an email in the old Technokats docs that invite teams to visit the site in January of 1998


Originally on pchs-delphi.com … from wayback:

chiefdelphi.com was registered 06/29/1998

The forums started out on ‘wwwboard’ and then migrated to vBulletin in May 2001.
Most recently migrated to the current Discourse version in January 2019.


The stuff from pre-vBulletin is still here in the forum database somewhere, all posted under user account “archiver”. There’s a lot of interesting history here, though it can be hard to find the real gems amongst everything else as there’s a lot of content.

Wow I was a whopping -1 years old.


As far as I can tell, Brandon’s post from 5/27/01 is the oldest surviving post outside of the wayback machine. Archiver’s oldest post is from 1/14/02. If there’s anything older, it’s not being picked up by Discourse’s search function.

Edit: okay, it’s all there, but “posted” in June 2002 with a “posted on” preface in the post. Interesting!
I think this is the oldest surviving post.


I updated the timestamp on that one … if anybody finds any older, let me know and I’ll update those.

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Yeah, it was kind of a weird feeling a couple years ago while volunteering when I realized that current students on teams hadn’t been born yet at the time that I was a student doing FIRST. (My involvement with FIRST certainly hasn’t been continuous or anything as there are many years that I wasn’t involved, but wow does time fly.)

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I’ve found at least one of them!


This is just fuzzy-memory hearsay, but:

When I was invited to speak at local kickoff (St. Louis) in 2001, several of the questions I had from the audience referred to things folks had been reading on Chiefdelphi, mostly posted by Dr. Joe. Naturally I had to find out what and who they were talking about. IIRC, the subject was kit-of-parts wheel coefficient of friction on official carpet. Even then, CD was being cited as authoritative on a critical technical topic.

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