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Okay there is this game called Kanar, it is a Live action roll playing game that has desided that disabled people can’t play their game. It is a game that is played on 40 acres of land and their land is owned by the people that play the game and they have a C3 for tax purposes. I was wondering if anyone else would know if i am just over reacting to this or i should be concerned about it at all. People of this game believe that it would be unsafe for a deaf person, or blind person to be part of their game, and they wish to exclude them, they would even exclude ones that were in wheel chairs. I don’t know if this is the place to ask such a question, but i am feeling very vulnerable and i dont know where to turn to ask for advice on the matter. I am not deaf, blind, or in a wheel chair though a friend of mine would like to go out and play and i have to tell him he cant because he is deaf that he will not be able to.
Am i wrong for thinking this is wrong or am i right and alienating my friend because others are biggots. I also believe if i quit the game that i have grown to love that they win, and if i dont quit the game i may lose a friend or feel extreemly guilty.
I am sorry if this is not an appropriate place to bring this but i am looking for answeres and i am trying anything.
They say it would be unsafe because we hit eachother with padded weapons and throw tennis balls and things that happen are delivered oraly.

  I am sorry if  sound like i am rambling. Just frustrated,

Are there organizations that can help me to get the answeres?

         Thank you
         Greg Wheeler JR

Your gut reaction to their exclusion of disabled players is the correct one. From what I googled this is a role playing game that is their own words

Character Creation
Character creation in Kanar has several steps. First and foremost a player should decide on the race and class that they would like to play. The race and class chosen will affect the cost of certain skills. Several races and classes are available.

Races Available:
Forest Elf
High Elf
Dark Elf
Stone Dwarf
Deep Dwarf

Classes Available:
Subclasses: Barbarian, Ranger, Cavalier, Paladin
Subclasses: Scout, Assassin, Swashbuckler
Subclasses: Healer, Druid, Necromancer, Clerical Enchanter, Shaman
Subclasses: Sage, Wizard, Sorcerer, Mage Enchanter, Battle Mage, Witch Doctor
There seems to be a place for anyone to play this game.

I don’t know on what basis they ever received 501(c)3 status, but they certainly do not deserve it.

My advice… DUMP THEM

Added… The government actually takes action against these groups if you can show them cause. I was solicited by email for a donation from a group that claimed to help the FBI find missing children. They didn’t and I forwarded the email to the FBI and within days they had more trouble than they wanted.
Sorry if I’m ranting but this makes me mad.