I just want to gush for a sec

This is a great community and I’m absolutely hooked on First

As 2020 was my first year going to a competition, and really being involved with the robot at all, I am absolutely hooked on FRC. The first thing that got me into it was the sense of family and familiarity with everyone on the team. Just getting to know everyone and becoming friends with people you wouldn’t expect, all within a very short period of time. The second thing was realizing that this isn’t only about the robot but a lot about strategy too. I was originally on the mechanical team, only working on the wheel of fortune spinner since I didn’t have much experience with metalwork, but later our teacher running and mentoring the team said he wanted me to be the backup driver (since our primary driver graduates at the end of this year) as well as working on strategy, and I discovered how much I enjoyed that aspect of FRC. The next and arguably best part was entering the competition for the first time. I hadn’t seen any pictures of the venue before and had no idea what to expect, but as soon as I stepped into the stadium I was awestruck. The atmosphere was great - competitive but still super friendly between teams, lots of people from different parts of the region, and even world (looking at you, New Zealand) being so comfortable with each other, just because of a robot. The final thing was me discovering this forum. Seeing people discuss everything from code to mechanics to some great humour was awesome. After this I’m beginning whether I still want to go into music for post secondary or want to do something like engineering. First has been one of the best experiences I’ve had period, and this is 100% my new obsession, hopefully all throughout and even after high school.


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