I keep receiving the error "com.ctre cannot be resolved"

I just updated from 2020 software to 2022, getting a new JSON from the CTRE website (v5.20.2) and putting it in the vendordeps folder in my project. However, after updating everything and moving my project to 2022, every time I attempt to import com.ctre, I run into an error. ctre

Have you run a build?

Oh now for some reason the build was successful, I still have all the same com.ctre imports underlined in red though. I do not have access to the robot currently so not sure if it would deploy

Looks like the installation isn’t working. Try doing it the way CTRE recommends:

  1. Download the phoenix framework and install it if you haven’t already.
  2. Go to manage vendor libraries and select “Install new libaries (offline)”.
  3. Select CTRE-phoenix and click ok.

If the build is successful, it’s intellisense being weird. Open the command Palette in vs code and run the “Clean Java Workspace” command. That will reset Intellisense.

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I downloaded the latest version earlier today, when I select “Install new libraries offline” from the command palette it says “no new dependencies available”. Do I need to move something from the ctre framework download to the wpilib folder or something?

Haha that was it, really appreciate you guys!

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