I killed Joomla.

So today a thought popped into my head, “Hey, I’m going to make a mobile version of my website!”. So I checked out how to do it and found php mambot. I installed the theme then isntalled the mambot and when I went in plugins to click enable, BAM! Direct Access to this location is not allowed.

After an oh shi-! and a brief panic, I went to the administration page. OH noes! that one too! Direct Access to this location is not allowed.

Out of options, and realizing Ive broken it before, I tried my previous solution; FTP and delete what I just added.

I FTP to the site no problem and delete any php mambot things I find in all the dirs but its still locked out. Getting frustrated and scared at this point, I turned to google. Every result I found offered one solution: To login to the admin page and uninstall or disable mambot. Only problem? Direct Access to this location is not allowed. on the admin page.

I have no idea where to go from here, So posting here is my last resort. Please if anyone knows anything, even just a suggestion, post it! I dont want to do a reinstall of joomla because I have a lot of custom editing on the theme I’m using, plus no way to back up the database (that I know of yet.).

Another solution that keeps getting suggested is to edit the entry for it in the database… I could do it easily and quickly if I could edit the db… Not sure if Godaddy hosting allows you access. Anyone know?

do you know what your server management is? not Joomla, but the backend that should have all the options for FTP and email and all that stuff. if you can provide that we should be able to figure out how to get access to your database

If you can get access to your mysql database or wherever Joomla stores its content information you should be able to change the theme there to the previous theme.

This page should help you backup your database: http://help.godaddy.com/topic/67/article/5648
I’m guessing that process will put a file on your server that you can download to keep it safe. When you hit edit you may be able to actually edit records. I have no idea what godaddy actually lets you do. Their live chat support will likely be able to tell you how to edit a database manually, though they wont help you troubleshoot this kind of software (at least not for free).

Another option would be to find a mysql database editor. I have used one called Toad in the past and it seemed to work pretty well.

My team uses a phpbb board to communicate and I have had my fair share of experiences like this when updating/customizing. I ALWAYS download the entire installation directory AND backup the database before doing any work (after the first time I broke it, at least). That way if I’m completely screwed, I can just re-upload everything.

Zholl I do not, I do have full ftp access though.

klrswift, I’ll be sure to do that after I fix it… Was planning too but never got the chance >_<

ill have to talk to the person who actually owns the account its registered under…

SUCCESS! I took another look via FTP and found these two:


a quick tap of the delete key and its back! woots :smiley: