I Love It When...

I got the idea for this thread, I don’t know where, but I thought it could be one of those fun long threads. Everyone please post no more than ten. Try to keep each one the last part of the sentence to the title of this thread. No long stories please. I also made a thread “I Hate It When…” that will follow the same idea.

Here’s an example post (that is my own “I Love It When…”):

…I meet someone throught these boards who is so like me who I would not have met otherwise.

Post away!

… a plan comes together.

(couldn’t resist. I <3 A-Team)

…school has turkey dinners for lunch around thanksgiving time.

(I know, how can you have turkey DINNER for LUNCH?!..silly superintendent)

reduced school lunch $0.40 :slight_smile:

… your school calls you out of class and you think you did something wrong but you find out that your school is going to give you the money to pay off the whole registration fee and you only have to pay back what you can at the end of the season… THANK YOU!!!

…you meet a cool new friend thanks to these boards who you know you would never have met otherwise (hugs sanddrag)

…Moe meetings start again and you relieze that your life really does have purpose now!

…you find out that people really do love you and you will always have friends in FIRST, no matter what.

…when i check chief delphi forums :smiley:

… I unexpectantly meet a kindrid spirit

you find out that some does care, when jimmy cracks corn

…people stop calling your ideas stupid, just crazy.

*Originally posted by Victim of Fate *
**…people stop calling your ideas stupid, just crazy. **


*Originally posted by Victim of Fate *
**…people stop calling your ideas stupid, just crazy. **

or when they actually stop a second to think about wither or not what you mentioned might actually work BEFORE calling your idea crazy.

*Originally posted by “Big Mike” *
**you find out that some does care, when jimmy cracks corn **


You find out that you are probally going to be at a party tonight! :wink:

…a Linkin Park song comes on the radio! woohoo! lol :smiley:

…i’m old enough to join robotics! :smiley:

…my guitar tuner for once works! yayness! (but i don’t really need it anymore)

…i learn a new song on my guitar.

…i have lotz more friends now that i’m in robotics! :smiley:

… when you spend all day at a robotics workshop and get two t-shirts from there

…I am on the lathe

…I’m in the shop

…I wake up and its snowing outside

woohoo our first snow of the season…

…firstrobotics.net comes back online.

(that time when it was down was like the dark ages!)

…my whole choir stands up and protests against our director’s decision not to give me the solo I deserve (and force her to give it to me)

… Wednesdays come around 'cuz that’s when we have our Robotics meetings. :smiley:

…American Express sends you a letter congratulating you with a credit card inside… :smiley: