I´m in Doubt...2x Balls

Hey all, I need some urgent help. Our team is in the middle of a discussion. I think some members of our team misunderstood something…
Suppose your robot decides to “hang” on the central 10-foot bar…will the 50 points not be counted if one of your team goals is not “capped”? In order words, if you have not placed a large 2X ball on top of your goals and one robot from your Alliance is “hanging”, will the 50 points not be added to your score??

Personally, I think that not capping will not affect hanging points…but this debate is coming to an end and we don´t know if this is false or true.


Capping the goals has no effect on hanging points. If you are hanging, you get 50 points, if you’re not, then you don’t.

Ive read the whole manual and have spent a lot of time on here and the FIRST Q&A forum - Im certain the correct answer is:

Hanging from the bar is worth 50 points for each robot hung from the bar - no matter what the rest of the playfield looks like

Another question I´d like to bring up…
In which ways can you get a hold of the moveable goals?? Are you allowed to grab a hold of the PVC bars? Also, is it legal to hold the goal from under :ahh: ?
I´m quite sure there are answers to these in the manuall, but it doesn´t hurt to ask!

You cannot grab the PVC or the side of the goal, not under it, only the small lip on the top of the diamond platting.

Any other questions feel free to ask.

k thanks, i was 99.9% sure and I believe you guys…
try explaining this to the team (hehe)…

Question answered.
No more discussion needed.

And yes… it DOES hurt to ask questions when the answers are in the manual.
The manual is pretty straightforward… read it.