Ok…so im home sweet home from good ol’ Purdue Regional. I finally got to meet Genia which was really cool(were both crazy…so watch out haha)…at first I thought she was tall and stuff by standing next to her…then we were walking and we both took of our shoes to see who is taller (cuz i am like 5’2 also")…and it comes to the conclusion that Genia is…SHORTER THAN ME! haha
i love you genia lol
what did other people think of Genia’s height? lol

I thought Genia was a marvelous height thanks :slight_smile:

Dig my soul shoes. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm should i bring a tape measure? i’ll meet genia finally at nats =)

I must say…Genia I can look straight over you. :stuck_out_tongue: I noticed that today when you were talking to me and Andy. Maybe you should look into 12 inch platform shoes! :rolleyes: Or maybe talk to Brandon Martus…he has some hieght to give you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Genia’s height is ideal for Genia :-p

Yeah, I’m definately taller than Genia. A lot taller :]

But Brandon Marcus beats me.

She can’t even be a chinrest for me. :rolleyes:

Chinrest? maybe not, but under her own permission i found out that she does make a grade A arm rest!

shakes her head Some people put their effort into growing taller and some people put their effort into growing bigger brains :stuck_out_tongue:

high fives all the fellow short-people

Short people are awesome ;).

Which is why I’d like to advertise my short people society…“Short People to Power”, or SPP. Look out for me with a shirt in Atlanta.

hey genia, what’s the height maximum requirement for SPP?

For females or males?

For girls, at the moment, we’re deciding between 5’3" and 5’4". Those both feel like transitional heights, but we’re not sure which one. We have interest for both groups. However, anything above that is getting a bit tall…

So, naturally, if I grow another 2 inches, I can’t be in my own society :stuck_out_tongue:

For guys? Oh, this is a tough one…maybe 5’4"? 5’5"? I dunno…

Some guy help me decide.

Hmm…I’m about 5’7"…make it about there. :-p

well okay, i’m between 5’4" and 5’5" (doctor says i’m 5’5" but they also told me i was 4’10" two years ago, so i don’t really trust them…) but i feel so short compared to everyone. i just realized last week that i am shorter than the majority of the freshman. then again, i wear 3" heels around school to make myself feel better. but you see, i’m STILL barely as tall as everyone else frustration

so can i be an exception to the club? earnest smile

hehe, i make the cuts…in fact, im shorter than genia. im around 5 feet…the team uses me to test its autonomous program because im the same height as the tetrahedrons…

Origionally Posted by chocolateluvrlr
the team uses me to test its autonomous program because im the same height as the tetrahedrons…

What a way to lose an eye…

I dont know what you guys are talking about, Genia is HUGE!

She makes me feel so insignificant and antlike when she towers over me, honestly thats why i was glad i could stay behind the scoring table because when i tower of brandon martus and he sits near me i can feel tall unlike when i am around genia.

Wait, i could have that backwards, nope i got it right.
Genia > Me > Brandon

back to sleep.

I’ll be sure to scanning the ground for Genia if we go to nats. :slight_smile:

i guess you could possibly say that her shortness improves her ability in DDR.

I watched her. She’s amazing! :yikes:

Alex Martin

thats were a helmet, glasses, and a foam suit come in handy.

this thread got me thinking
[off topic and nerdiness]
What’s the official height limit at which one is considered a midget?
[/off topic and nerdiness]

my mom is 5’0 and my great grandma was 4’7". Genetics didn’t work for me i’m 6’0 and growin