I miss the dot.

Before the fancy-schmancy graphics package was released for vBulletin, it was very easy to see if a thread you’d posted to had new replies, as there was a dot beside its title indicating your participation.

That dot has been replaced by one of those stupid envelope icons that looks, at first glance, just like every other stupid envelope icon.

Can we please bring back the dot? Long live the dot.

Long live the dot.

I miss the dot already. It was a handy little feature that I had never paid much attention to. Except when I wanted information from it.

I hope to see it return from /dev/null or wherever dots go when they expire.

Wait another few weeks - you’ll get used to it… and the envelopes will be easily distinguished with a ‘glance’. It’s fine for me already. :slight_smile:

Though I do dislike the new smiley faces.

Everything just seems a little…too cartoony for me. I mean, we went from standard geekiness to high tech and over the top pretty geekiness. I mean, is all of this necessary? I liked my white dot next to my name indicating if I was online. This green light thing irritates me. Anyway, I’m done whining.

Thanks for the upgrade anyway Brandon :slight_smile:

(and yes, long live the dot)

Can I find “The Idiots Guide to the Envelopes” somewhere. This is annoying for semi-color blind people. :eek:

Heck, I hate it too! If you can change it Brandon, I’ll be happy to create new folder icons.

I’m putting in my .02

The dot thing doesn’t bother me as much as the smilies. I think some of the new smilies “inhale audibly” and are a bit “cartoonish” as BandChick put it. Brandon, in another post somewhere you mentioned thinking about going back to the old smilies. Have you made any definite decision on it yet?

I think it’s hysterical that people are complaining about smiley faces being cartoonish :slight_smile:

:confused: they seem pretty cartoonish to me - and they are too colorful. sometimes i dont even know what they mean. like this guy :cool:
its called cool but he looks a little worried to me…

He’s obviosly smirking because we can’t figiure it out :cool:

Brandon, I love the big green online dot and the colourful smilies. I see bland all the time. I really enjoy colouring things up. You are doing a great job and I encourage you to add even more colour. :smiley:

I’ve been crazy busy, and haven’t had time to mess with the smilies yet. (it slipped my mind, too…)

I would rather not have to worry about one more thing while doing the already-way-too-long upgrades, so I don’t know if I’ll be putting the folders w/the dots back in. The new version has a little arrow on the folder, similar to how many e-mail programs indicate that you’ve replied to an e-mail.

dot’s nice…

bad pun bad…

Dots, smilies this is all to confusing for me

-“Big Mike” The Human Cartoon:eek:

I miss the dot, too. But what I miss more is the key at the bottom of every page!

You know what they say about puns … there’s no vice versa :ahh:

(Yes, I know … sorry.)

My guess is that knowing vB, in one of their million pages in the control panel, there’s some easy way to select a different image to use for xyz (In this case replied threads).

Now, Mr. Brandon seems pretty busy. BUT… if someone cared enough, took the time to change the image so that it had a dot, had it look nice, and submitted it to Brandon, the odds are that he might be able to do a good ole switch-er-ru. Of course, it’s all up to him, and he very well might not, but I’d guess if he has a little gif file sittin right there that looks cool, he’d just upload and click the one little button to change it.

Heh… sorry, I honestly don’t have enough time to take it into Photoshop, but for someone who’s passionate about having the dot back, they might :slight_smile:

~ Jack

Maybe their should be an option: Old Skool, New Skool. (OR: Dotted, non-dotted)

If someone makes a graphic with the dot, and it looks good (doesn’t look obvious that it was added after the fact) I will replace the image that is there now. You’ll be responsible for giving me that graphic when I forget to copy it to future versions, though… :slight_smile:

While you’re at it … we need a ‘spotlight this post’ icon, too. I can’t make tiny icons at all, so I’m very interested in what you all can do…