I need a Automotive engineer to answer career questions!

Posted by William Pruehs.

Other from L’Anse Creuse.

Posted on 3/16/2000 5:59 AM MST

I am a High school student and would be extremly grateful if an Automotive engineer filled out some of the following questions.

How did you become interested in this occupation?

What college courses would you suggest I take to go into this field?

How did you find the job you are at now?

What do you do during an average day?

Is your job very routine or does it vary from time to time?

What personal characteristics do you think an engineer needs?

What basic math functions must a person be capable of doing?

What do you find satisfying about this job?

What kind of degree do you think would be best to go into this occupation with?

What are the downsides of this job?

What are the good points of this job?

How much time do you spend at work?

What are the beginning salaries of this job?

What are you making now?

Do you have a lot of authority where you work?

Is there a lot of room for advancement in your occupation?

Please E-mail this back to me at [email protected]