I need a code for reference

Please, if anyone can give us a code for thier robot we would appreciate it. we want to learn to program, but have no idea how, if you have any ideas, please tell me, this close to the competition and we haven’t even started. PLEASSSE!!

Shoot me an email. I’ve been working with teams to try to help them out. (Right now the #s at 32 :slight_smile: )

I’ll be happy to help you get your robot moving (hopefully by itself)


A word of caution. Learning to program a robot takes much longer that 2 weeks.

You may not want to use Java if you are just starting now. If you are a freshmen who has been tasked with programming I would recommend starting in lab view to get a working robot.

If you can tell us exactly what you want to do with programming (how your robot works), maybe we can give you some Java code that might work.

Having worked with LabVIEW for 2 years before switching to Java, I would tend disagree. There is nothing inherently easier about LabVIEW, and in many ways it is clunky and non-intuitive, especially for the beginner.

With Java also, it is easier to get help online. After all if your program is not working, you can post your source code.

For Java, start here: