I need a Pneumatics Engineer...

Maybe some of you have seen the other thread about needing a Robotics Engineer for a Principles of Engineering paper. Likewise, I am in the same course, and am in need of a Pneumatics Engineer.

Now, unfortunately, this cannot be an Engineer that only has knowledge of Pneumatics. I need somebody who specialize in Pneumatics.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out. Let me know the best way in which to contact you. The interview consists of 6 fairly basic questions that provides enough information for a section of a report on Pneumatics Engineering.

Any and all of you that wish to help me would be greatly appreciated and I would be forever in your debt.

Thanks in advance,

I can’t help personally, but try contacting one of the FIRST suppliers - Parker Hannefin, Binba, Bosch Rexroth, SMC, etc. - and ask for their product engineering department…which is chock FULL of pneumatics engineers.

Someone will sympathize and help you out.


Thank you.
I’ll be sure to do that.

And it’s nice to know that someone will sympathize…