I Need a Robotic Engineer for a High School Essay

I need the assistance of a Robotic engineer that would be willing to submit to an interview that will help in the making of an essay that I have to write for my Principles of Engineering class. We are writing essays on a field of engineering that we desire to be employed in after college. Or if anyone can tell me how I can get in contact with a robotic engineer that would be helpful too.

You can send me a PM with your questions.

I’ve cleaned out my PM box so that others can do the same, if they wish. I have been a mechanical designer for robotics systems for the last 15 years, while also being a part of PLTW advisory groups since 2000.

This is the time of year when the high school PLTW courseshave their Principles of Engineering class require students to interview engineers. Maybe other engineers can reply to this thread volunteering their services also. It would be cool to have a thread filled with mentors who are available so that the students can pick and choose who to interview.

Andy B.

My boss doesn’t have the official title of Robotic Engineer here at Northrop Grumman, but he works almost exclusively in space robotics (and has a PhD in it) if someone else is interested in that field of robotic engineering.

EDIT: he’s also a mentor of 294, and is usually willing to lend a hand with these things.

How many extra credit points would be awarded for a student who interviews Andy Baker?

he gets a 4.0 for the rest of his life.

in that case, hey Andy…

I’ll be willing to help you out. I may only have the title of Mechanical Engineer, but I do work on mobile robots for a living. I am part of a team working on the next-generation TALON Robots for Foster-Miller.

PM me if you are still looking for someone to talk to.

I did one for a student not long ago, last year I think. See attached.

Engineer Interview2-Elston.doc (32.5 KB)

Engineer Interview2-Elston.doc (32.5 KB)