I Need A Team!!

I just started at Drexel University. I’mm lookin for a team to join. If you or a loved one are in the Philadelphia region than IM me, PM me, e-mail me, call me (215) 571-4451, im jeff rodriguez not the other jeff. please help me!


The Gila Monsters would be happy to have you as a team member.

Think of the great spring break you could have in March at the Arizona Regional!!!


Haha. Short commute from Philly to Arizona :stuck_out_tongue:

I had been looking into Drexel, and I believe there are around 9 teams in the Philadelphia area. I believe one of them being a Drexel team. Check the interactive FIRST map.

i e-mailed the guy that supposedly does the team at drexel, and i’ve talked to a few people on other teams.


how about starting one?

I’m too lazy and un-motivated to do that. I don’t knwo if i’ll have time either.

I’m a sophomore at Drexel, at home on co-op right now. Last year, the team that was connected to Drexel was 563, Bok Tech. Drexel hosts the Philly regional, but they’re not very organized when it comes to finding a team to help. I didn’t get to help out like I wanted because classes got in the way, so I volunteered at the regional, which is over spring break. Hope that helps some!