I need a time-lapse video of field assembly

I have a project I’m working on, and need a high-quality, well-lit time lapse video of field assembly to create it. While my preference is for last year’s game, any recent game would be OK.

By high-quality, I mean a 1080p or higher original capture.

You’ll receive credit in the final project for your contribution. PM me with info.

Check out the Utah Regional video from last year


PNW district Champs has one.

I hope all districts have as much fun as the PNW.
Third year team 5920 VIKotics have not made the elimination rounds at the PNW championship. We met our first year goal of Rookie all-star. Second year we got our first blue banner. Third year here we come elimination rounds at PNW championship.
LOVE YOU ALL OMD ( Old Man Dave)