I need complete tutorial.

My team has not yet recieved our flash drives and I am the programmer only for the team and i know bnothing about what Im doing. I knowhow to program, but I do not has any of the code or any idea what to do or use. Can someone please tell me how so I can start looking over our base code.

Consider going to white papers section of the forum as well as NI FRC LabView. Navigate to:


Good Luck

What programming language are you using? If you’re using Labview I would look at the videos here: http://www.frcmastery.com/ That should help. I learned how to program the robot last year. I also started not knowing what I was doing. I would also recommend looking around Chief Delphi if you are needing instructions on a specific task (such as changing from arcade drive to tank drive). If you need Labview help, you can PM me and I’ll see if I can help.

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I want to use c++ because I know tat one.

Start at square 1; the kit of parts page:


Read the Getting Started pdf (and the rest of them as needed), then do the OTB test so you have a working test bed (could take 2 or 3 days; I’m assuming you are on a a rookie team). This will include deciding which programming language you are going to use (LabVIEW, C/C++, or Java), and configuring the cRio and the computer(s) you plan to use for code development and driver stations.

For FRC-specific programming tips check out the CD-Media and the offerings at:


Note there are several generations of control systems represented in these collections; some info in older media will be obsolete.

Finally, when you have tried to follow the manuals a couple of times and its still not working, just post your question here (or in the appropriate sub-forum); keep a tab on your browser open here and check in often. Most likely someone who is slightly ahead of you will have already asked a similar question, and you can learn from their mistakes before you even try something for the first time.

Good luck; this stuff is complex, don’t expect it to go perfectly smoothly. Even veterans have to figure the new stuff every year, in addition to re-learning the old stuff. ::safety:: :cool: ::safety::

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