I need help buying a laptop


I was just wondering if this was the best deal out there, for the US that is. I am also on a limited budget. I really want to run the 3D software on it, too. If anyone has some recommandations, they would be greatly appreaciated.

Last time I checked, laptops don’t make great 3D machines. But that’s just what I thought. I guess newer laptops are about as powerful as desktops. (Is there a reason you’re picking a lappy over a desktop?)

As for that laptop, it looks okay. You may not be able to run the newest 3D stuff…but I’m not positive. It probably will, but it won’t be fast. If anything, that laptop has 2 SO-DIMM slots for memory that can each hold 256mb. I’d recommend putting as much RAM in it as possible. According to crucial.com, 128mb for that system is $35. Not too bad. Using at least 256mb RAM would be good.

Overall, it’s a decent system. Not spectacular, but I think it will run 3ds. Someone who knows more about the sysreq on 3dS might want to say something.

I’m gonna get a laptop sometime over the summer, but I’m going to wait until I can get the best amount of processing power, and features for the lowest price. Do you really need one right now? You can probably find newer ones for about that price in a few months.

My brother and I are buying it. We only hae apx. 2/3 of what we need. We would like to get it ASAP. We chose Lap over Desk since we already have a desktop and would like mobility.

BTW: My laptop is currently running a P120, 16MB RAM, 1.3 GB (150 MB Free) Hard Drive, Win 95B, and I am running 3D Software. No DivX either.

as far as moneywise, the laptop is a great bargain, but you may want to wait and try and look for something with pentium 4.

Wow, I don’t know what did it, but after posting in this thread and reading it… I kinda went out looking, and ordered one of these from Dell:

Using financing options of the Dell Credit Card thing, the payment is only around 50 dollars a month, which is something I should be able to afford.

The main reason I decided to go and buy one was because of Robotics. This was my first year, and I wanted to use it mainly for those 4 days at the competion as: Updating Scouting System, Website, Programming, and just for the fact that those who had them had a fun time playing games and surfing the net over the wireless networks.

Get one with a serial port! :rolleyes:

*Originally posted by WakeZero *
**Get one with a serial port! :rolleyes: **

That was actually a huge part I was looking for, get one with a serial port! But if I wanted one, I would have had to spend quite a bit of money, or cut features/buy from diff manufacturer. I think $20 dollars for a USB to Serial convertor is better than spending a few hundred more.

i run a Dell inspiron 2650 with no probs and i got a great deal on it. www.dell.com

“Dude, you’re getting a Dell.”

I’m not sure if usb to serial converter work with the robot controller.