I need help getting the MK2 Swerve Module up and running

Hey yall! This is my last year with my team as that I am graduating this year and my goal for awhile was to get swerve up and running. My team initially bought the MK2 Swerve Modules when they originally came out, the old programmer couldn’t get them to work before he graduated when COVID first hit. This year I’ve been trying to work on it but have been getting roadblock after roadblock. The original library wont work (well when I tested it) with the latest versions or WPIlib and the WPIlib example relies on a digital encoder while the MK2 Swerve Module has a analog one. Along with that, im trying to use the PigionIMU. If anyone can help guide me to get it up and running I would greatly appreciate it! All the hardware is working and I have gotten it to kinda move before but it wouldn’t drive just shake in place.
Please and Thank you!

Our team has also been trying to get a swerve drive up and running. Im not going to be very helpful with the programing side of things but I can tell you some of the issues we ran into. But first could you give more detail about your swerve. What motors, encoders are you using and what do the wheels do when you drive with them off the ground.

I’ll ask our Software mentors.
We built our own based on the Mark2 years ago. We also had a bit of trouble initially, if I remember correctly. We’ve been using them for several years now and modified them from CIM, to Neo, now to Falcons/Neo combo this year.

Team 2358.

I would suggest you turn the robot upside down and observe what the wheels are doing when you try to drive it. It might be something as trivial as some modules going backwards.

The students in our team used Team 2910 code from 2019 as a starting point:


We have Neos and a MA3 Absolute Encoder on each hub. When its on the ground or in the air, the same thing happens, some would shake and try to drive and some would just pins up to max speed. This is when there is no input, aka the joysticks are 0.

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My team followed this example with a similar hardware setup as the one you’ve described: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0Xi9yb1IMyA

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Well as I said I’m not very helpful with programing but I know we were having issues with the swerve trying to run auto when we didn’t want it to. We also had a problem with our encoders slipping so they needed to be glued. We also had an issue with encoder firmware but I don’t think that is a problem you will have. Sorry if this wasn’t very helpful as it sounds like you’re issues are more programing.

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