I need help in inventor

Can anyone direct me to a good worthy tutorial for inventor 5.something
i tried to learn it by myself but i jsut cant figure it out theres to much to deal with… so if anyone knows where i can find something i can learn by plz send it to me…

These tutorials were created specifically for FIRST.

They’re geared toward Inventor R6, but if you’re in a pinch and are reasonably proficient with computers such that you can interpolate where stuff isn’t the same, they’re probably not a bad resource.

Most of the functions in R6 are the same as they were in R5.

thanks a lot i hope it will help me… cause i’m todaly lost in it but i know CAD and computers sufficiantly

what team are you on?

try www.sdotson.com he has alot of info.

Inventor 5 also has built in tutorials:

  1. Open the program.

  2. Click ‘Getting started’ on the panel menu

  3. Click ‘Learn how to build models quickly’

Reading through those topics and doing the tutorials will give you basic knowledge of the program and how to use the various tools it offers.

Now! Back to my hubcap!!!