i need help plz?

ok… so i am a noob and have to program a robot. I am utterly slow. and don’t understand the basics of pogramming. I need just a simple thing like a chart. like this loop= this kinda thing and what nots please? i really need help. thank you very much.


And putting the thread in the right place helps. In this case, the programming subforum.

There are also quite a few programming geniuses in Indiana that you could contact if you need more help.

Or, to put it another way: It’s almost impossible to teach this to you on this forum. Either you read the training materials provided by National Instruments and do it yourself, or find someone on a near-by team who can show you.



I am going to strongly suggest that you watch the LV Mastery Tip Jar Video Blogs #5 through #10 in their entirety. It is about 2.5 hours of video. In my opinion, this is the fastest and best way that I know of to get up to speed.