I need help setting up the wireless bridge

I used the (Getting Started with the 2012 FRC Control
System) pdf. I have the bridge mode configured, but when i try to connect the D-link to the computer wirelessly i dont see the D-link has one of my choices in the wireless connections i also switched the D-link to AP mode but it would not show up one my networks. please help me!

To go directly from your computer to the DLink, the DLink must be in AP mode (with the SSID and generally no security to keep it simple).

The wireless on the computer must be compatible with the DLink, and that generally means the DLink must be set to allow 2.4GHz (as well as 5GHz).

What about when in competition, doesnt the robot need to be in bridge mode.

Yes, for the competition field the DLink gets changed to bridge mode, it gets set to use 802.11n and 5GHz exclusively and special field security settings are also made.
That works because the driver station laptop does not use it’s own wireless in competition. The Driver Station is connected by Ethernet to the field AP which does the AP job.

If you want to use a similar setup at home, then you’ll need an additional AP device to do what the field AP does.
It’s much simplier to use the DLink AP setting at home.

Ok just to make things clear, I have configured my wirless bride, so when we are competing, do we just hook the driver station with the Ethernet cable on the field, or do I need to connect the DLink to the laptops wirless networks? Sorry go the nooby question but my team will be attending the Texas round up this Saturday and I’m completely new to this.

It’s best right now to ignore anything in the Getting Started guide that mentions Bridge mode. Unless you’re getting fancy with networking at your build/practice site, you should set up the D-Link in AP mode, and it’s unlikely that you would want to use anything other than the 2.4 GHz radio.

The Texas Robot Roundup event staff will give you instructions on how to set up your D-Link so that it will work with the competition field network. You’ll probably just need to flip the switch to put it in Bridge mode, plug it in to a dedicated computer provided by the event, and run the automated configuration utility to program it with the appropriate security key for your team. Also, unless otherwise instructed, make sure to turn off the wireless networking on your Driver Station computer while at the competition.

What should all the Ip addresses be set to?

Following the getting started guide will get everything set up at the “right” addresses.

Typical setup:
cRIO - 10.xx.xx.2
bridge - 10.xx.xx.1
laptop - 10.xx.xx.5
camera - 10.xx.xx.11
where xx.xx is your team number (e.g. 14.82)